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Maal tijd

Come see this, come and taste it!
Meal-time tastes of (always) more: a sensory stimulating (philosophical) performance in which the magic and the tragic go hand in hand.
At the table as one of the 12 guests you are spectator and participant at the same time. The wondrous creatures of Meal Time do not ask questions, because each has his own story. Let yourself be carried along by the many temptations in this delicious fable without words.
Meal-time is a mouthful of purification rituals, everyday polarities, contemporary exoticism. But also power and impotence in the consumer society in which enough never turns out to be enough. With one common characteristic: We are all happiness people.


Freitag, 02.08.19, 19:00 Uhr & 20:30 Uhr